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Welcome to Yu's Elite Education

We provide after-school and weekend school enrichment programs
for talented elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as students who welcome academic challenge.

Our courses will help prepare your child for a variety of regional, national, and international contests including math competitions (AMC/AIME/USAJMO/USAMO, MathCounts, MathLeague, MOEMS, CML, Math Kangaroo, etc.), Writing Contests, Science Olympiads (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, General Science, etc), Spelling Bees, and Debating Contests, as well as Extracurricular activities (Programming Olympiad, Astronomy Olympiad, Amateur Radio League, Chess Tournaments, etc).

Mission Statement
       At Yu's Elite Education, we are committed to...


  • Providing a fun and challenging environment for learning
  • Encouraging participation in national and regional competitions
  • Stimulating students' interests and enthusiasm for different subjects
  • Recognizing and honoring academic excellence for gifted youth

Current Events

A. Fall 2014 classes are starting. Please contact us if you are interested for a free placement test. 

B. We are opening a new center  at Downtown New York (32 Broadway, Suite 1701, New York NY 10004). 
 Three courses will be offered in fall 2014:

- AMC10 Prep (G8-10)
- AMC12 Prep (G10-11)
- AIME Prep (G8-11)

C. Congratulations to the following three students who qualified for USAMO and USAJMO 2014:

- USAMO: E. Wu (G11) (19 total for NJ, 266 total for USA/Canada)
- USAJMO: J. Chen (G10), B. Liu (G5) (11 total for NJ, 231 total for USA/Canada)

D. Congratulations to our brilliant students who performed so well at 2014 AMC 10/12 contest:
- 10 received Distinguished Honor Roll on AMC 10 (54 total from NJ)
- 6 received Distinguished Honor Roll on AMC 12 (61 total from NJ) 
- 35 students qualified for 2014 AIME. 

AMC10/12, AIME and USA(J)MO 2015

- AIME/(J)MO training program is going until March 2015. 
- Regular AMC10/12 classes 
started from late February 2014 to early February 2015.  

2. Proud to be a Sponsor of 2014-15 HMMT (Harvard MIT Mathematics Tournament)

- Nov. 15, 2014 (Harvard) We will send 4 teams to Nov HMMT held at Harvard in Nov 2014.
- Feb. 21, 2015 (MIT): we will send 2 teams Feb HMMT held at MIT in Feb 2015.

3. Recruiting team members for HMMT and PUMaC (Princeton University Mathematics Competition)

- We are in the process of selecting team members for 2014-15 HMMT and 2014 PUMaC. Deadline is September 30, 2014.
- Difficulty of HMMT problems:
   November HMMT: mid-AMC to upper-AIME
   February HMMT: mid-AIME to USAMO
- Training sessions will be provided for selected team members.

4. 2014 AMC8: Nov. 18, 2014

- We are expecting to send over 70 bright students to 2014 AMC8. 

5. MOEMS, Math Kangaroo and Math League

- Students will participate in five MOEMS (Level E and Level M) contests at our centers between November 2014 and March 2015. 
- We will host Math Kangaroo 2015 (G1-G12) at Bridgewater, Plainsboro and Livingston centers.
- We will host Math League (G4-G8) 2015 at all our centers.

6. USA Biology Olympiad (USABO)

- Yu's Elite is a participating school of USABO 2015. Registration will be open on October 15, 2014 to all high school students who are interested.

7. Intel Science Talent Search/Siemens Competition/Google Science Fair

- We are targeting for nation's most prestigious science research competitions for high school students in 2014.
Siemens 2015: Submission Deadline September 30, 2014
Intel STS 2015: Submission Deadline November 12, 2014
Google Science Fair 2015: Submission Deadline January 2015
- We offer 1-to-1 individual coaching or 1-to-n (n<4) group coaching, under the supervision of world class scholars and professors.
- Registrations are currently open.

* For new students, the first class at all centers (Competition Math except high school competition math class series , Science, and Language Arts) is a risk-free trial class. Please download the request form and make an appointment for the first trial class in advance, as placement tests will be conducted prior to that class, and we want to ensure that your child attends a class at an appropriate level.

FROM -- The Secret: What Your High Schools Don't Tell you? by Elizabeth Wissner-Gross

Forget what other parents may tell you about the value of just "letting kids be kids". Fun, play, relaxation are important for kids and adults alike, but most would agree that being engaged in an educational activity that they are passionate about is fun and also has long-term benefits to get into college and ultimately enhancing one's career.

Competition for admission to America's top colleges is more cutthroat than ever. Gone are the days when parents could afford to let high school guidance counselors handle the admissions process alone-gone, also, are the days when a student could wait until senior year to prepare for it. If you want to raise a kid colleges will compete for, you must act, EARLY and AGGRESSIVELY, as opportunity scout
, coach, tutor, manager, and publicist -or be willing to watch that acceptance letter go to someone whose parents did.

Have your children attend our classes...

  • We help you act early and aggressively
  • We help you identify your child's passions
  • We help your kids reach his or her potential -- both academically and in terms of character

Please explore our website to learn more about our programs and our approach to gifted education.
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